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SafeCapsule Line

A line of products created by Diapath for the transportation and fixation of little surgery and biopsy samples in a complete safety way.

Constant Innovation In Anatomic Pathology

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Pre-filled container with buffered Formalin ready to use
Pre-filled container
from €11,00
Tissue Marking Dyes
Ink dyes for tissue marking
from €30,00
Tray transport SafeCapsule 60ml
Pre-filled container, 30 ml with 20 ml buffered Formalin ready to use
Pre-filled container
SafeCapsule Line - Prostate Biopsy Kit
10% Neutral buffered formalin
10% Neutral buffered formalin.
from €5,00
Diaprint - Biopsy cassettes for thermal printers
Fixative for histology - Antigenfix
from €33,00
Tissue Molds - Stainless steel
Embedding molds
Diawax - Paraffin for histology 56-58 °C
Trimming knifes
Disposable Blade
from €145,00
High-profile microtome blades
Low-profile microtome blades
Trimming knife handles
Plastic handle
Wax cleaner - Liquid spray for paraffin removal
Wax Cleaner
Microglass for slides - Stackable filing cabinet system for slides
Microglass for slides
Base for Microglass, Microblock storage system for slides and blocks
Base for Microglass
Manual staining set
Staining and slide mounting
from €163,00
Microblock for slides - Stackable filing cabinet system for blocks
Microblock for blocks
Staining reservoir, 450 ml capacity
Staining reservoir
Biopsy filters

Foam pads for processing of biopsies and small specimens.
DiaPrint TISSUE cassettes

Stacked cassettes with black plastic belt - designed for medium-large specimens.